Rural Electrification

Ansar Energy BD is an Independent Power producer (IPP) and distributor of electricity to the villages in Bangadesh not being served by any national utility. The majority of the 150 million people of Bangladesh live in almost  80,000 villages. About 40% of these villages do not have access to grid supplied electricity.


Using a distributed generation model, Ansar Energy BD operates as a full-service utility to villages currently not connected to the grid.  Ansar designs and constructs generation and distribution facilities, operates its current diesel plants, and manages all customer services, including billing and revenue collection.  Each site will have a potential capacity of up to 1 MW, and can service an area of 10-20 villages.  Ansar uses proven design and equipment, with distribution systems based on the successful experiences of the Rural Electrification Board (REB) and the Power Development Board (PDB) (Bangladesh rural and urban utilities), with generation and distribution technology proven in the local market.

Ansar Energy is initially focused on select districts of Bangladesh whereby the effort can be more effectively managed. Download: list of districts of Bangladesh indicating percentage of villages electrified.

Ansar is currently operating its initial facility in Jampalpur, Bangladesh, with installed capacity of ~200 KW, serving five villages with a population base of around 10,000, using a 15 kilometer distribution network.