Mechanized Agriculture

There are about 15 million farm households in BD. The average cultivated area per farm in BD is less than 2 acres. Less than 5 percent of the farms cultivate areas in excess of 7.5 acres. The cultivated plots are defined by narrow walkways, called aisles. Thus negotiating the farmland in BD poses unique challenges.

Over about the last two decades, the government of BD and certain private parties have experimented with a wide range of mechanized equipment. In particular harvesters from Europe, China, Japan and Korea have been imported and demonstrated by the various Agricultural Universities and Institutes. Based on the demonstrations and trials, neither large, nor small harvesters are considered suitable for BD. A robust and simple combine harvester, capable of harvesting about one acre per hour is considered the most suitable size for BD.

AEBL is using Korean (Daedong) made harvesters with a capacity of around one acre per hour. Further details about this harvester can be found at:

The right combine harvester for Bangladesh
The right combine harvester for Bangladesh

Bangladesh would require approximately 30,000 harvesters, of the size chosen, to enable all the area cultivated to be mechanically harvested. Currently BD has less than 100 harvesters, of which less than 50 are in commercial operation. The remainder are with government and research institutions.