Ansar Energy builds on the experience of its President, Junaid Yasin, a successful developer and engineer of electric and infrastructure projects globally, including in the US, China, India, Bangladesh and the Bahamas, under difficult and often changing regulatory environments.  Junaid Yasin has a MS in Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.  He was a Project Manager at Sargent & Lundy in Chicago, and a Developer with Hadson/Ultrasystems in Irvine, California, and with the I-Group in Massachusetts.

For over 30 years, he directed and managed the permitting, financing, design, construction, and operations of infrastructure projects including fossil fuel, nuclear, and renewable energy, electric power plants; utility systems construction infrastructure; and industrial plants. The electric power projects ranged in size from 1,000 MWs plants with an investment in excess of $1 billion, to less than 1 MW small distributed plants.

As a Developer/Owner, Ansar Energy’s responsibilities are to assemble, manage and lead a complete team of suppliers, contractors, consultants and site owners, and to complete the necessary agreements/contracts, permits, and approvals to enable successful financings, construction and operations.

To lead AEBL in its program of Mechanized Agriculture in Bangladesh, Mr. Yasin is applying his expereince in organizing suppliers, customers and specialists in  implementing an innovative program to address key pain points in the agriculture sector in Bangladesh.